Inventories in Industrial Warehouses

We realize inventory capture of all spare parts and materials in the warehouse at the annual close or when the customer requires, relieving all their locations and distribution centers in a minimum time frame. This allows having stock immobilized over an acceptable period.

Rotative Inventories

Inventory taking is segmented at regular intervals throughout the year, to complete all materials and spare parts. This allows knowing the exact stocks and diversions, early for correction.

Surprise Inventories

The objective of this type of inventory is to increase control by preventing prior adjustments from being made, in the event of deviations or shortages.

Mixed inventories

This type of inventory allows reducing service costs, using for example mixed pairs with relays from Integra and from the client and/or their auditors. To this end, we train the personnel designated by the client through standardized inventory taking procedures. In all cases supervision is carried out by Integra.

Identification of materials, spare parts and locations

We perform coding using bar code tags, both materials ,spare parts and existing physical locations in the warehouse, in order to optimize daily operations and periodic inventory checks.

Cataloging of materials

The concept of cataloging a warehouse is based on the identification of inventory items through a logical information structure that contains the basic attributes of each type of good.






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