Appraisals under IFRS rules

Integra can attend your company in the process of accounting conversion to current international standards, applying experience and methodology in the pursuit of Fair Values, both fixed assets (buildings, equipment and facilities) and intangible assets (trademarks, patents, investment portfolio, etc.).

Technical appraisals of fixed assets

Applicable to land, buildings, facilities, machinery and equipment, vehicles and assets in general.

Insurance fixed assets valuations

Used to obtain accurate information to ensure ownership, avoiding under or over valuation of assets that would make risky and inefficient company insurance management.

Fair market value of fixed assets

In practice, they are used to define the value of buying and selling in the market, of an asset or a group of them.

Liquidation value of fixed assets

Valuations at liquidation level are necessary if the company wants to know the value of “quick sale” of an asset or a group of them.

Economic and financial valuations

Used to determine the net present value of company’s business. The economic approach of net flows available, provides the maximum value that can be drawn for long-term immobilized fixed assets in enterprises.

Stock valuations

Apply to inventories in general, they are used to determine values that serve as comparison with those recorded in accounting and taxes ledgers, as certification of assets in mergers or division of societies, acquisition or companies sales, or to correct and analyze factors of inflation adjustment and foreign currency devaluation, among other applications.






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